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When people mention 2020 I years to come, it will probably not be greeted with illation, more a negative response to a year that threw the world in to chaos.

So I want to start by reflecting on some positives for the last 12 months.

Firstly, we survived into a 5th year, from a group of volunteers who didn’t all know each other, had no money, and didn’t even know where to start with a name 5 years ago, to what we have now, that’s great.

This year we received £1000 from the Coop community fund, a thank you to those who helped with that proposal and those in the community who chose us when using their membership card.

We welcomed back old members of the committee like Sarah, and welcomed newbies, Karina and Winnie, while coopting Rhian.

We’ve made great strides in our social media presence thanks to Karina, and thanks to the working groups, have still managed to put on safe, socially distant events, with more to come this half term.

We also contributed to residents lives this spring and summer through the organisation of the street coordinators programme, to help those isolating and shielding.

This year, although we didn’t get to see some plans through, we had collaborations planned for a new street food market and new ideas such as the choir in a day. Our time to bring those events back to life will happen one day.

So thank you to everyone who has been involved this year, it’s been tough and although we have some way to go before an. Old normal returns, I’m sure we can continue adding value to lives in our community and connecting people across Brought on and Brooklands.