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Peter Simpson-Leek (Chair)

I moved to Milton Keynes in 2008 coming from the Midlands. I found it a strange place where people told me, there is no community and no culture. In my first year here I got involved in community work and later became Chair of the LGBT charity in the city and a member of the Parish Council.

Since then I focussed my time in more of our immediate community here in Brooklands where I live and Broughton where I used to live. Being Chair of the Community Connectors enables me to get my fix of community work, while seeing the successes bringing volunteers together can have.

Hannah Hurling (Vice Chair)

My Name Is Hannah and I love living in Broughton Gate, I choose to Volunteer because I want this community to be the best it can possibly be! I want our children to grow up in a safe and happy environment. I want to know that if someone in our community is in danger or vulnerable or just having a rubbish time, there is someone around to offer a helping hand.

I also want to have fun whilst I volunteer and have made amazing friends along the way. Which is why I organise social events it’s a great way to meet new people in our fast-growing community.

We are so lucky to be able to access the resources we have here and have the support of other groups around.

And now for the selfish bit…The more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity. Please sign up to become a volunteer!

Jake Talbot (Secretary)

I moved to Brooklands in August 2017 and straight away felt a sense of community in the area. I knew that this was something I wanted to be more involved in, having attended the MK50 Festival prior to moving to the area and meeting lots of great people.

I enjoy helping build a better community spirit by organising events that are open to all.

Becky Waller (Treasurer)

I first moved to Broughton Gate from Bedford in 2010.  Although my family had lived in a new development in Bedford, it was refreshing to see more being done in Broughton Gate to build a community spirit and bring local people together.

Having attended and enjoyed a few Family Fun days in Broughton, as my sons got older I went along to a planning meeting and then got invited to join the Committee of the Community Connectors in 2017.

I enjoy volunteering at events and chatting to new and older members of the community.  I surprised myself recently when I did some face painting at an event, having not had any previous experience, it was fun and I discovered a new talent!

Katie Bannister

I’ve lived in Brooklands since 2014 and love the community spirit here. I got involved with BBCC in 2017 by popping along to a monthly meeting to see what it was all about.

I soon got involved quickly with the festival planning which I very much enjoyed and found myself as part of the committee amongst other friendly and creative residents.
I love how there is always lots going on for families and the community and I can’t wait to get planning for the next festival!

Ruth Maxey

I moved to Broughton summer 2013, employed by the Church to be a ‘Community Minister’ for the new build areas of Broughton & Brooklands. I have loved having the opportunity to be part of helping this community grow and develop and to work with so many people who are giving their time voluntarily to make this community a great place to live.

While a big part of my own work is leading Church without Walls (I am a United Reformed Church Minister) I am proud to be have been part of the small group of local people who got Broughton and Brooklands Community Connectors off the ground in 2015 and it is a real pleasure to still be able to serve the community through my continued involvement on the committee. Brought and Brooklands Community Connectors goes from strength to strength and that is down to the commitment and energy of those involved.

Sonal Agarwal

I moved to Broughton in January 2017. I got introduced to the volunteering work through the Friends group of a school. When we moved to Broughton I met Ruth who mentioned about Broughton & Brooklands Community Connectors. I then joined committee to be able to give back something positive to the community. Being part of events like family fun days, big lunch, festivals etc is fun. Its nice to be able to contribute something to bring the community together, to meet new people and overall make Broughton and Brooklands a better place to live in. My kids too actively enjoy volunteering at various community events and I can see a sense of pride in them after being part of these fun-filled events.

Lesley Thelwell

I moved to Broughton around 10 years ago. I've been involved in many community events as well as being part of the Broughton Scouts.

Karina Van Neikerk

Rekha Shah

Winnie Sorensen

Sarah Murrell