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It’s November and we’ve just hosted our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year we squeezed it into our our Community Awards, a ceremony that celebrated all those fantastic members of the community who give their time to make where we live better.

As part of the AGM, We say goodbye to outstanding committee and select new. This year we say hello to Sarah, Karina and  Winnie.  The Chair also has to deliver their annual report highlighting the achievements of the last 12 months. It looked a little like this:

This is the fourth year of work delivered by Broughton and Brooklands Community Connectors and the fourth in which I have had the opportunity to Chair this fantastic and growing group.

It’s also been a year strong in collaboration which has seen our impact reach beyond our boundary of the V11. We’ve collaborated with Broughton and Milton Keynes Village Parish Council and Grand Union housing on the delivery of youth provisions throughout the summer months and hope for this to grow into 2020.

We’ve also been successful in supporting activity with the Scouts,  Xtra Special Familes, Broughton Cycling Group and Litter picking to name a few. Our own output of activity has grown this year too, delivering 6 Family Fun Days throughout the year, working with Brooklands Farm on an evening of entertainment at Brookfest and the launch of Friday Night Dinners.

Success though can only be continued if we regularly recognised, reward and recruit volunteers. The good will and time of residents within our area is vital for these activities and collaborations to continue, and for those who have supported in any way over the last 12 months, we thank you.

We must also thank Community Action MK, Broughton and Milton Keynes Village Parish Council and Local Ward Councillors for their financial support which has helped us to deliver such a strong and programme of activities this year. We have also been selected for the Coop community fund which is a fantastic opportunity for us in raising revenue and profile of the work we do.

My hopes for the Community Connectors over the next 12 months, is to increase our ambition to further self-fund our activity.  To seek a recognised status and to identify more groups in the community we can connect with to deliver an even more exciting, vibrant and supportive place to live.


Community Awards