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As a group of volunteers and committee members we organise various events throughout the year, across our community. So there are several ways we can help your event or organisation in Broughton and Brooklands.


We also collaborate with other groups within Broughton and Brooklands to help deliver elements of their events too. For example in the last 12 months we have collaborated with the Broughton Cycling Group, delivering the Family Fun Day element of their annual Sportif. We also work in partnership with Places for People and the Parks Trust to deliver monthly Community Litter Picks.

Liability Insurance

By running a collaborative event with us, it could mean you are covered by our liability insurance, which can be costly for small organisations, and sometimes without it means your event cannot go ahead.

Applying for Grants

As a group we rely on funding, and often have to seek this from other organisations. This means we have experience in writing grant proposals and event evaluations. If this is something you need help with to get your event off the ground, let’s see how we can help.

Risk Assessments

Our experience of organising events means we also have experience of delivering risk assessments, which could be something we could help with for your event.

Get in touch with us to see how we could work together:

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